Preely offers a diverse number of data points, data visualizations and calculations. However, you always have the oppotunity of downloading all your results as CSV files, if you want to dig deeper into your results or make more advanced statistics.


When accessing Analytics, the first thing you'll see is Summary. Here you get a quick overview over test participants and their demographic data. Note that asking for demographic data can be set to mandatory or optional when designing the test, hence you might not that demographic data from all your participants.
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Test overview - tasks

Under Tasks you find an overview over all the tasks and questions you sat up, when you created your test.
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Test overview - participants

Under Participants you find all test data for each participant. It's divided into who have completed the test, who gave up and who dropped off.
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Under Sessions on the task card you can find all test data for the specific task.
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Under Actions on the task card you can see how your participants have clicked throughout your prototype, and you can see it as a heat map as well.
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Under Paths you can see all paths the participants have taken, and who have taken the different ones.
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